CorLog – Continuous hemodynamic monitoring in the right heart


30 days


easy to remove

The CorLog System


The use of CorLog

1. Prepare introduction set and split sheath
2. Insert CorLog Probe trough split sheath until  right ventricle
3. Suture housing to the skin and add wound dressing
4. Plug in CorLog Connect and zero monitoring
5. CorLog is ready to go for up to 30 days

Why CorLog?

CorLog guides your therapy with the right data* continuously measured from the right heart. Live and unplugged from your heart failure patient.

Information when it matters.

*CorLog data can be used to continuously extract right ventricular ejection fraction and stroke volume.

The CorLog Devices

CorLog Probe

Electronics module, placed on the patient body, attached to measurement catheter.

CorLog Connect

Transmission module which can be connected to a standard patient monitor.

CorLog App

Displays and records invasive blood pressure signal from the right heart.