Insert, measure, remove. Easy to use and reversible. Hemodynamic profiling brings transparency to your treatment.

+ CorLog Probe + CorLog Connect + CorLog App + Standard patient monitors

The CorLog System

CorLog Probe

CorLog Probe is an invasive hemodynamic monitor. It consists of a housing containing the electronics and a catheter which is inserted trough the skin. The pressure sensitive tip of the catheter is either placed in the right atrium or the right ventricle.

Pressure is transmitted from the tip to a sensor in the housing via a transmission fluid located inside the catheter. Analog pressure values are digitized by the electronics and sent wirelessly to CorLog Connect. CorLog is inserted trough the subclavian or internal jugular vein.

CorLog Connect

CorLog Connect can be connected to a standard patient monitor by cable. This enables seamless integration of CorLog measurements in to already existing infrastructure. Furthermore, CorLog Connect can forward data to a mobile device running CorLog App.

CorLog App

CorLog App displays received data from CorLog Connect. Additionaly a database is created with entries for each patient and each measurement. CorLog App enables advanced data analysis like calculation of estimated pulmonary arterial diastolic pressure. Pressure curves before and after interventions can be compared and evaluated.

Pictures from use

Images show a simulated use of CorLog and the various required components:

  • CorLog Probe
  • CorLog Connect
  • CorLog App
  • Introducer set
  • 6 Fr split sheath with hemostatic valve
  • Suture and wound dressing
  • Cable to link to standard patient monitor
CorLog Probe and sterile accessories
Setup for CorLog
Puncturing of jugular vein
Guide wire
Guidewire inserted
Split sheath
Split sheath inserted
Insert Corlog trough split sheath
Tip in right ventricle
Pressure curves show position
Use patient monitor for 24h trends
Split the split sheath
CorLog Probe sutured to skin
Wound dressing
Comparison of two pressure profiles in CorLog App
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What makes CorLog unique?

 1. 30 days measurement

CorLog is the only removable pressure catheter that can be left inside the patient for 30 days.

2. Continuous and wireless

CorLog measures continuously 24/7. All data is saved in CorLog App and can be revisited.

3. Removable

The CorLog catheter is not fixed to the heart and can be easily removed when needed.

4. Ultrathin catheter

The catheter that goes through the skin and the tricuspid valve has a diameter of only 3 Fr. This reduces the risk of infection and also risk of damages to vessels and tissues.

5. Mobility

A patient with CorLog is fully wireless and mobile. This enables exercise testing without further need for infrastructure.

Performance of CorLog

Weight and size of CorLog Probe

26g – 43 x 34 x 13 mm

Available catheter lengths

30, 35 and 40 cm


Continuous measurement up to 30 days


+/- 4 mmHg


After 24h <= +/- 4 mmHg in 30 days

Dynamic measurement

-3 db cutoff frequency > 30 Hz


CorLog Probe is compatible with
echocardiography, computer tomography

Non compatibilities

CorLog Probe is not compatible with MRI

Demonstration and Training

If you are interested in CorLog we can offer you demonstrations of our system. The use of CorLog requires training by experienced emka medical personnel. For this purpose we will hands on assist you for the first few cases.