CorLog and ejection fraction

Available data suggest that right ventricular dysfunction seems to be a major determinant of mortality in patients with heart failure, pulmonary hypertension and pulmonary artery hypertension. The function of the right ventricle can be measured by the right ventricular ejection fraction (RVEF). Ejection fraction is the ratio of blood that the heart puts out during one contraction and the blood volume in the heart chamber before the contraction and gives a measure of efficiency of the contraction. A recently developed method makes it possible to calculate RVEF soley from right ventricular pressure curves [1]. For this the two pressures Pmax and ESP (end-systolic pressure) have to be measured. We developed a novel automated algorithm to determine both Pmax and ESP and then calculate RVEF beat to beat [2].

We are currently working to integrate this algorithm in to CorLog App. The next version will show live ejection fraction directly on the display:

Continuous RVEF guided therapy will lead to optimization of treatment and better outcomes for the patients.




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